How to write a Blog Post for beginners 2020

Crafting a good Blog post takes time and Successful posts are usually educational and answer questions that help the reader resolve challenges.

Follow this few simple steps on how to create a blog post and success is guaranteed. If you want to start a blog, I recommend wordpress.

Part 1. Writing Style

1. The first thing you need to do is determine your writing style.

  • Research blogs that are similar to yours
  • Get some ideas by looking at the layout, content and images.
  • Pay attention on how long the posts are, writing style and subject matter.

Business blogs

  • Look at how others approach certain business topics.
  • Check if sites have active comments board.

2. Consider your Audience

Consider who you writing for, your language and style will shift depending who you writing for.

  1. Personal blogs -Family and Friends
  • If you writing for family and friend be honest.
  • Be casual as much as you like.
  • Treat a personal blog like a conversation.
  1. Personal Blog – Large Audiance
  • Be casual and honest
  • But you may need to include references, glossary or explanation so your readers can follow along.
  1. Marketing or Business blogs

These types of blogs are about more formal. But you still need to have the conversation tone. Avoid confusing or boring the audience. Think about what your readers expect.

Are you trying to provide information to the reader/buyer in order to persuade him to buy a product?

  • Think about the information your readers already have, if they are millennials you probably don’t need to educate them on social media.
  • Give them information on how to adjust their approach to social media to more business oriented.

3. Say Something Different

  • Say something different about certain topics/issues
  • Offer a unique opinion based on your experience

Part 2. The Introduction

Create and introduction and give your opinion on the matter/topic.

1. Chose a topic

  • It can be general or specific, but keep in mind according to experienced bloggers specific blogs are more effective.

Personal blogs about product reviews should consider the issues or problem you interested in discussing.

If you writing a business post, focus on the aspects of the business that may be interesting to your customer. E.g if you reviewing cell phones you may wanna talk about.

  • The latest cell phone release
  • Your favorite phone
  • Why is it your favorite phone

2. Title

When choosing a title consider the following.

  • The title should be specific to the topic
  • Have a bold title that attracts the reader
  • Have a simple rather then a complicated title
  • Having a title that is easy and clear to read are most effective

3. Write a captivating opening

This is the part that hooks the reader. In fact it is proven that if the person reads the first 3 to 4 sentences they are more likely to read the rest of the post.

How to Write a Grabbing Opening

  • Identity a need, problem,issue
  • Create an opening line that promises the reader an answer
  • Ask intriguing questions
  • Say something unexpected, but must be related to the topic
  • Make claims or Promises ( This technique is good for business blogs, but make sure you can back your claims)

Part 3 Creating the body

  1. Organize your content, keep it short and break it down into sections, short paragraphs and subtitles.
  2. Draw from outside sources and include testimonial.
  3. Give your reader practical and easy to apply advice. Break it down step-by-step.
  4. Keep the contest at the points. Avoid packing too much information into a post.

Part 4. Editing and Wrapping up

  1. Call to action, meaning involve the reader by asking him direct questions at the end of the post.
  2. Add featuring image. Pictures are good for breaking long paragraphs and keep the reader engaged.
  3. Revise the post, read it and edit grammatical errors.

Part 5. Blog Maintenance

  1. Publish the blog at a certain time of the day or night when your readers are already online. Publishing during the week gets more Trafic.
  2. Spend time updating and editing the post.
  3. Responde to reader comment it encourages conversation with other readers.