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Its not just about the money, its also about building an authentic business. Many online business can be started at a low cost and part time, While a person continues a regular job with an employer or provide care for family members at home.

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Pay Yourself First, the Concept that will help you save Money

Pay-Yourself-First is a philosophy that can help build tremendous wealth if you make it a habit. It’s one of the oldest rules in personal finance and you’ll find it on all the money books. It’s about promoting the quality of being economical with money. To ensure enough money is saved before expenses or discretionary purchases are made. The concept states, whenever you receive income, you pay yourself first by investing/saving a certain percentage right of the top. The reasoning behind it is that if you pay all your bill and all other ods first in the end you will never have enough money to save. 

The ABCs of COPING with Financial Stress

7 steps to Cut Out Financial Stress. Financial stress, whether it’s the result of redundancy, debt, unexpected expenses or lack of savings, is no fun. The simmering worry can really weigh you down and tax your health more than you may realize. Above all the lack of formal financial education is the main contributor of financial stress. People just don’t know how to handle their money.

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